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He is We is the Discovery Download of the Week on iTunes.  Get Happily Ever After for free.  Do it and rank it well.  This is a great opportunity for the band!

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2/1=Big Day for He Is We‏.

Hello everyone!! Tons of news to share with you! 2/1 is a big day for us. First of all, we will be putting up a NEW MERCH STORE at Not only will we be putting up new shirts and goodies, but you will be able to PREORDER A PHYSICAL VERSION OF MY FOREVER! You will also be able… Continue reading 2/1=Big Day for He Is We‏.

Fan of the Month, Fan of the Month 2011

Fan of the Month: Harli.

Name: Harli AKA: People call me Mosh (long story) Country: USA Age: 17 How did you first find out about He is We?: I was listening to Plug in Stereo's Oh Darling on youtube and a He is We song started playing, it was the best song I had heard in a long time. I… Continue reading Fan of the Month: Harli.