He is We.

Trevor Kelly and Rachel Taylor work at Ted Brown Music together in Tacoma, WA. When you spend a lot of time with someone and you don’t end up hating them… chances are you’re going to be great pals. They both play music but oh so different kinds. Rachel is into indie pop… melodic metal… and girlie stuff. Trevor is into the hardcore metal that talks about bloody things and such. Oh the madness!
But it just clicked…

The band has changed its members around a bit trying to find the ones that fit. Its all about the right combination. Everythings finally settling down.

Posted on their website:

Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly both worked at Ted Brown Music together in Tacoma, Washington. Aside from the Tacoma aroma (local joke!), there was something else in the air. Trevor thinks it was destiny… Rachel still thinks it was the aroma.

After countless days of passing each other at work, they eventually started to jam together in the back room. While Rachel influenced her past years growing up and Trevor continued to listen to hardcore music, something interesting, creative and original came out. This was the start of He Is We; the idea that someone who you pass by everyday can influence the rest of your life… and you would never know. It’s the thought and power one person can have over their surroundings.

You are listening to Rachel’s words and Trevor’s music. He Is We wants to go on a date with you; the signs are just too obvious.

58 thoughts on “He is We.”

    1. O.K. me,my sister, and my mom love He is We. So this is our question. How many people are in the band???? And we wish he is we would come to Lubbock, Tx. My birthday is coming up and that would be like the best thing ever to be able to go to my favorite bands concert with my mom and my sis.

  1. So good.
    can’t belive this!!!!!!!
    Your a pretty great person to do all this 🙂
    It means alot to me the kids on the streetteam and the he is we kids your great!
    you should make a myspace for it so we can top you.

  2. Jessy great job. Love the mobile feature. Very handy! More pics would be helpful! I love the band. Addicted to blame it on the rain. Wat is your favorite song?

    1. Thanks for the comment Jake. Thanks for the tip about pictures. 🙂

      Favourite song, wow, that’s a tough question. I really like “Pardon Me” “Happily Ever After” and “Blame it on the Rain”. Really, I like them all, and have a hard time choosing just one favourite. 🙂

  3. i dedicated Light a way to my best friend and he ended up kissing me after the song. we have been dating for 2 years now. all i can say is thank you and i LOVE he is we!

  4. hi, i listened to your music and its just beautiful and wonderful music. i listened to it and just fell in love with it. It is like my thinking right now for a couple of the songs, and its all because of something thats going on between me and my boyfriend. keep up the great job i love he is we 🙂

  5. I love th fact this site exsits! Its so helpful and awesome. I like the way you design it too, very chill and calm just like He is We. I’d love some Breathe chords so I can add that to the list of songs I’m learning on my guitar. I’m even writting my own chords to Blame it on the Rain. I’ll email them to you to post on here if you want?


  6. Wow…My friend was shown them, she showed them to me, I fell in love with the sound….I got their only song available on iTunes…and now I find out their from a neiboring city….dannnngggggggg

      1. They’re both Christians but are they a CHRISTIAN BAND? I’d like to know also. In some songs they sound like it. Not that’s a bad thing. (:

      2. I think that they are both Christians, and that effects their everyday life, including their songs. but i don’t think they are a “Christian band”. Their Song “His name” is a Christian song I’m pretty sure.

        You’d probably have to ask them for a better answer lol.

  7. why is only one song of theirs on itunes? Why aren’t they moe popular?! They are amazing. Do they not want to be a popular band?? Are they gonna make an album and release it?? They should! They are sooo incredibly talented. A lot better then most bands out there these days. 🙂 i love he is we!

  8. Ok this band is legit amazing! Y do they have only 1 song on iTunes?!!! They should publish a album! Y aren’t they more famous?? Love he is we!!! :]

      1. isn’t that against the law or somehting? to download free music? and when does their new album come i just can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love He is We ! they are my favourite! I really enjoy listening to and singing along to their wonderful songs! ❤ ❤ 🙂

  10. so i just thought i would say i am a new fan of He is We. ive been going through a lot in my life with my ex boyfriend and my grandma dieing as well as having my best friends give into drugs, losing everyone i cared about and everything. this has been one of the hardest years of my life and one of the ways i have been copeing and making it through is by listening to music and singing along. this is where i came across He is We, over some random youtube creeping and instantly fell in love! this band is all i have been listening to for a few weeks now and it most definately has taken over my facebook status’. you guys are amazing and i can relate to almost all of your songs. sooo to sum it all up. Thank you..and youre amazing!!! ♥♥

    1. Trevor has been dating the same girl for about 2 years…from what I remember. And Rachel is engaged. But not to Trevor. Lol

  11. So, I was searching through Grooveshark.com under the word “breathe” for music that would help me do just that. Among the U2, Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, and Bon Jovi options, There was this “Old Demos” by “He is We” with a track, “Breathe.”

    I clicked, and found out that the Band name is absolutely right – You guys are the “He” that is me, when it comes to musical expression and fun. I am sure the band name was chosen for much better reasons than the fact that “He Is We” is what he was looking for when he ran across the sounds of Rachel and Trevor.

    God’s best to you both.


    P.S. – two votes for Lubbock, TX, or the first vote for Wilmore, KY.

  12. so since He is We is a christian band have they ever thought about releasing an all worship album? by the way…. His Name is such an awesome song 😀

  13. okayy, so a friend suggested for me to listen “all about us” yesterday & i just listened to it the past hour…now im just devouring(listeningwise) all your songs…they’re simplyamazingbeautiful.<3
    thanks for your music!!

  14. He is We kinda sucked me in to their music. They’re awesome! They write cute lyrics with a really cool melody. Love them. And I love my friend who told me about them a week ago. :))

  15. Hi guys! So, my “future” girlfriend send me much music of He Is We, and I’d love all! Is so perfect the translate(i’m brasilian) lol awesoooooooooome :D… NOW, I’M A BIG FAN, really, she drives me crazy when send me music like L L Love … *—–*

  16. hey i don’t know if you read these but if you do and if you have time i was wondering if you could put a video on you tube and dedicate it me and my girlfriend our song is all about us by you and i would really like to do something really special for her so she remembers why we fell in love in the first place if you could that would be awesome please send a message back if you get this i know you probably get this from a lot of fans but my girlfriend is really special to me
    please thumps up so its seen
    thank you

  17. HE IS We are amazing. Since the day I listened to their songs, I got hooked and fell IN LOVE with their music. Rachel Taylor you have an angelic voice. Why compare to Taylor Swift. You have a beautiful voice than to her. Sorry Taylor but it’s true.

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