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He is We working on new record in New York.

And so it begins... This is going to be quite a journey. But this is where it begins.

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“He Is We to release new album and tour” Interview.

Alt-pop duo HE IS WE disagree about how much pressure was on them while they put together their much-anticipated debut album MY FOREVER. "It wasn't hard at all," explains vocalist Rachel Taylor. "We chose the songs that we felt would represent us the best!" The other half of the duo Trevor Kelly, counters, "Not necessarily.… Continue reading “He Is We to release new album and tour” Interview.


When is the EP and Album coming out? Oh and what does EP stand for? (:

"EP" Stands for "Extended Play" (Read more about it here http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_the_term_'EP'_mean_in_music) I don't think their doing the EP anymore, just the album, & I've heard it's coming out in October. 🙂 Ask me anything, I'll try my best to answer!