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Some videos of He is We & Stevie performing.

Our July in the Rain Radio/Zombie We are Young/All About Us Happily Ever After Skip to the Good Part Blame it on the Rain

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Simlish Happily Ever After!

Here's a short video of Rachel recording Happily Ever After in Simlish for an upcoming Sims game! I'm so excited, I love The Sims! 😀 [Link] Related Articles Flo Rida, My Chemical Romance, Travie McCoy, 3oh!3, and More Partner with EA on the Uber Popular Life Simulator Series The Sims (

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Video: “Happily Ever After” cover by He Is We by LnKBabi.

One of my younger cousins, Alexa, became a great person to talk and share music with. When I heard this song, I automatically fell hook, line, and sinker for the words. They're just vibrant with truth! When I found out the chords, I became really busy, so there was no way I was able to… Continue reading Video: “Happily Ever After” cover by He Is We by LnKBabi.


Happily Ever After Chords.

Here are the chords to "Happily Ever After via Ultimate-Guitar. E tuning & capo on 2nd fret. This was quick and easy to tab. People have been asking for this for a while, so here it from my perspective. Keep in mind to try to accent the moving bass notes to bring out changing chords,… Continue reading Happily Ever After Chords.