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Lyrics to an unreleased song.

He is We just broadcasted live. They were writing a new song, about Summer. They didn't finish it, or name it, but I got a few lyrics from it. Hello sunshine, Oh how I missed you dearly. Would you be mine, I need you I feel it clearly. Oh once a year what a shame,… Continue reading Lyrics to an unreleased song.

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Demo clip “Lovey love” on facebook.

He is We have released a demo clip for a song called "Lovey love" which you can only hear on their facebook page! [click here] They also posted... New clip of demo, UP NOW!! (It's called "Lovey Love"). Should we record this for our EP???

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New single coming in a few days.

He is We have announced on their Facebook page that a new single will be released and given away for free. New single coming in a few days!!! And we're going to give it away for free... Why are we so good to you people? oh yeah, it's because we love you. (plus we just hit 1,000,000… Continue reading New single coming in a few days.