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Update in Studio.

This album is off to a good start and made with SO much love. Here is a snippet of the song I wrote for YOU guys. I hope you like it as much as I loved writing it!!! If the world is ending than I want to make sure you guys know how much I… Continue reading Update in Studio.


“Let Me Clear Things Up…” – New post from Rachel.

This is not about teams…When I was in 11th grade my friend Brian and I wanted to start a little garage band. We were messing around and just jamming, nothing crazy. I told him that my band would be called He Is We and someday tour the country. We talked about our dreams and what… Continue reading “Let Me Clear Things Up…” – New post from Rachel.

News and Updates

Getting in contact with Rachel.

Ever wonder how you can tell me YOUR story or ask questions? I currently have no access to the heiswefans@gmail.com so I have created a mailbox just for YOU! It will be used specifically to speak directly to me and for me to speak directly to you! Here it is: weareheiswefans@gmail.com Excited to see what… Continue reading Getting in contact with Rachel.